Five EXTRA tips on how to impress your in-laws

Any intended daughter-in-law that thinks: “I am marrying him and not his family” has never been married and is completely missing the mark. Yes, you will lead your own lives, but if you think for a moment that your in-laws will not play their part, you are mistaken. They are his flesh and blood and the best thing you can do for yourself and your intended is to love them – without conditions and without limits.

HINT NUMBER 6: Show them that you will take good care of their son. There are many in-laws that will forgive their daughter-in-law for the small things if they know that she truly loves their son. So let them understand that you have his best interest at heart, that you will take care of him and also spoil him from time to time.

HINT NUMBER 7: Think of it this way: You are stealing your mother-in-law’s son from her. What you don’t want to do is rub it in. So do not cling to him. Do not pretend to know better (“These days Danie prefers carpaccio rather than a roast”) and if Danie needs the help of one of the women in his life while you are visiting, do not try and out do her.

HINT NUMBER 8: Talk about grandchildren (if you do want children at all – you do not want to lead them on). Every mother sees a daughter-in-law as the way to grandchildren and if you want to make your in-laws excited about being there, get excited about grandchildren.

HINT NUMBER 9: So you want to impress then, but try and do it by showing them your warm personality, not all your qualifications, your parent’s wine farm or your ability to climb the corporate ladder (come what may). Stay humble.

HINT NUMBER 10: Bite your tongue with the wedding arrangements. Their son is getting married and they will want to give their opinion. You will get irritated at times because they are from another generation. Where your own mother is concerned you can talk plainly but with your in-laws you might have to bite your tongue from time to time. Your relationship with them is more valuable than the fact that the names on the place cards are grey rather than off-white.