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Five tips on how to impress your in-laws

Any intended daughter-in-law that thinks: “I am marrying him and not his family” has never been married and is completely missing the mark. Yes, you will lead your own lives, but if you think for a moment that your in-laws will not play their part, you are mistaken. They are his flesh and blood and the best thing you can do for yourself and your intended is to love them – without conditions and without limits.

HINT NUMBER 1: When you meet them for the first time leave your biker gear at home. A light, summers dress should do the trick (if the hem and neck is appropriate). Be careful to not wear too much makeup that will make you look fake. Avoid the dark eye pencil and nose ring and rather go for the girl next door look.

HINT NUMBER 2: Keep the perfume light. You want to smell nice, but you don’t want your in-laws to smell you before they see you.

HINT NUMBER 3: Remember what your mother taught you. Say “please” and “thank you” and “tannie” if your in-laws are farmers in Pofadder. Compliment the offal and tell your soon to be father-in-law that his corn is looking good – then half the battle will be won.

HINT NUMBER 4: Look for shared interests. You might think that you and your in-laws differ like day and night, but pay attention to things in the house or topics that are discussed and somewhere you might see something you share or agree on.

HINT NUMBER 5: This one might be obvious, but keep an eye on you alcohol intake at the dinner table. No parent sees a future for their son if they see his intended dancing on the carefully decorated table in between the Royal Albert cups on a Sunday afternoon.